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God's Faithfulness - Daniel Blog Study

God’s Faithfulness

Read Daniel 1: 15-17

Write out verse 15.

The King’s food would have been Babylon’s best food, so you would expect that a diet opposing the king’s would not give you health like we see here. Remember King Hezekiah? God saw that Daniel and the three other young men did not forget him, and make worldly alliances, despite being captives. Therefore, he honored that.

Look at verses 9 + 17. What short phrase is repeated?

I may have to get serious for a moment… I struggle with autoimmune diseases, and there were quite a few years where my body just didn’t cooperate. When Jeremy (my husband) and I decided we wanted to have a family, we were faced with a lot of difficulties, and there was a year where we were pretty sure God had decided it wasn’t his will for us to be biological parents. After accepting what God had decided was when I had a pretty intense moment on the bathroom floor with my sister’s arms around me. God had given me those double lines. In a worldly sense, it would have been easy to wrap my arms around my body and tell it, “Good job my strong and capable body” or to look to myself and all the hard work I had put into trying to conceive. But, my friends, God is faithful as well as more capable than I will ever be, and we must never forget that. We see that here in today’s verses and we would be wise to practice that spectacular line daily. Let’s start now.

This week, God gave me…

Iain M. Duguid writes, “The more we get to know Daniel, the more we come to realize that we are not Daniels. The good news of the gospel, however, is not simply that God is faithful to those who are faithful to him. It is that a Savior has come to deliver faithless and compromised saints like us. Our salvation rests not on our ability to remain undefiled by the world, but rather on the pure and undefiled offering that Jesus has provided in our place.”

You see, I’m not trying to downplay Daniel’s faithfulness because clearly, God honored it. But I want us to understand that God is faithful always. It’s difficult to recognize because remember, Daniel was a captive! He was not simply rejecting food and going home to his safe haven. He had to live among these people from now on, and didn’t know what the future held. Daniel’s God did, though, and he made sure to show Daniel (and his captors) his strength through this situation. God can use you in the most meager and humble of situations to proclaim his great might, because his kingdom will never fail.

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