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Down to the Very Last Drop - Daniel Blog Study

Day 3

Down to the Very Last Drop

Read Daniel 1:8-16

Have you ever grown your own food in any sort of capacity? We live in the middle of a town, so we don’t have the yard space to have a large garden or greenhouse. We do, however, have a nice front porch where we grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs (much to the bane of my mailman’s existence). Vienna and I have such peaceful mornings going out there and tending to our makeshift garden. There is nothing in the world like going on your front porch, and picking fresh cilantro you’ve grown to decorate your taco with.

There is a lesson here. When it comes to this portion of chapter 1, Daniel wasn’t just asking to refrain from the king’s food to be difficult. He wanted to eat food that was grown naturally, from the soil, from God. Verse 12 even includes water, which would have been naturally sourced.

We should also note that it doesn’t specifically tell us why Daniel and his friends rejected the king’s food, but it could also have been because of it being defiled. This was due to the food being a sacrifice for the Babylonian gods. No matter the exact reasons, it was an act of obedience to God, trusting that he would provide and sustain them in this situation.

Write out verse 9

Those first few words are absolutely glorious. Look again, “And God gave Daniel favor and compassion.” Not just favor and compassion in the sight of his friends, but in the sight of the chief eunuch. The one who was their captor. The one who did not believe in their God was used to show them favor and compassion. The chief eunuch was scared, though, to let them eat something other than the king’s food. This is the first mention of fear in the book of Daniel, the fear of the king from the one who did not believe in God. This is our God - he uses all of our circumstances down to our nourishment to demonstrate his faithfulness, power and mercy. We will see more of that in the next week.

My Bible has entitled this portion as, “Daniel’s Faithfulness.”

Write down what you recognize in this passage as faithfulness from Daniel and then write how you can display your faithfulness to God if you don’t give into the world’s offerings.

Faithfulness requires trust and in the Bible that is a major aspect of it. We sometimes look at someone who is kind to us and/or our families as being faithful because they refrain from doing things that could potentially harm us. However, when we look at the Biblical tone of faithfulness, it has to do with trust and loyalty to God. I do believe that in this particular passage, faithfulness is demonstrated in such a striking way that my little herbs on my front porch seem a moot point.

Daniel’s faithfulness was not just in his words or actions, but in his form of nourishment. I’m not saying to boycott the grocery store and go move to a farm where you live off the land despite it not being your calling. Dr. T. David Gordon said in a sermon that where we are currently is our own little ecosystem in God’s universe and we are called to care for it. This, even though seemingly small, is showing faithfulness to God. He sees that we care and love what he has blessed us with, and nothing goes unnoticed by him. Not even our food.

Write down something you cared for and something you want to care for this week in your personal ecosystem.

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