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 By Sarah Puliatti-Thomas



Sarah is a wife to Executive Chef, Jeremy Thomas and mother to Vienna Faye. 

She is currently an A. Director of Marketing at a home for youth, does all the social media for her church @calvaryopc, and is a lifestyle photographer.

They live in their quirky 100-year-old home in Grove City, Pennsylvania. 

A Note from Sarah...

As a Christian, I believe, one of our highest callings is to be humble. The Lord, in his Word, continually points out how he cares for the least and makes them mighty in his kingdom. So why read what I have to say about anything pertaining to our Christian lives?


It is most certainly not because I am smarter or better than any of you. From a young age, God has given me a visible excitement when it comes to his Word and all things related to doctrine. This has partially been a result of how I was raised.


Growing up as an Orthodox Presbyterian (OPC) minister’s daughter has been full of deafening brain chatter. As a pastor’s child, you experience the brilliance in a church and you experience the deep-seated sin in a church. My father was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and lived there for the majority of his life. He wasn’t just any OPC minister, which tends to be a very proper denomination; he was an Italian immigrant’s grandson who practiced Hinduism and almost lost his life from the grip of heroin before being arrested by God. So, his preaching wasn’t proper. It wasn’t quiet. It wasn’t always what people expected. It was fiery, it was full of power, honesty, rebuke, and love. His culture rained down upon the congregation. When we moved from New Jersey to Western PA, people didn’t always accept his personality. This was hard, my friends, and continues to be to this day. 

But why do I introduce you to my father? Because what you just read had a major impact on who I believed God was and is to his people. It still has an impact on me and who I am today. 


I’ve seen hurt and I’ve been hurt by other Christians.


I struggle with my own chemical imbalances that affect my mental health.


I have autoimmune diseases.


I thought I would never have my daughter, Vienna Faye.


I have experienced transitions which have left me with much emotional baggage.


These experiences, coupled with how I have been raised, have greatly affected my view of who God is and who he saves. It’s not just you and it’s not just me. He saves no matter our culture, personality, history, or family. In my 33 years, I have found an immense love for the GOSPEL and for preachers who get up and yell at me while still loving me. Men and women who encourage me to study and truly understand our Word, not just on a surface level. Because that, my friends, is how we deeply understand our God and see all of the beautiful connections he has revealed to us in scripture. 

Thanks for being here. Let's start a revival in our hearts together. 

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